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Sign Ups are Now Officially Open!!! Revised
Rabbit 1
water_soter wrote in family_haven
We're Off!!!!

Well guys, the moment we've all been waiting for, sign ups are now open for the Family Haven Ficathon Round 3!!!

Please read carefully all the information below. We are dropping the division since it's been causing so much confusion.

The fandoms are as follows:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Stargate Atlantis
X-Men (canon/movie/evolution)
Harry Potter

Sign Ups - October 23th to November 21th
Assignments Sent Out - November 22th to 29th
First Author Check In - January 6th to 12th
Second Author Check In - February 7th to 13th
Story Posting - February 14th to 20th
Extra Time - February 21th to 27th

Even though we won't have an official theme this round, the family haven ficathon has as it's central theme strong family and friendship relationships. All your stories must have as part of your stories friendships and family. Your stories should be gen, or if the requester allows it, you can have het and/or slash in the story. As long as the main plot of the story focuses on friendship and family relationships, and the pairings are in the background or only take up a small part of the story, it should be fine. If the author specifies that they don't want pairings, your story then most be only gen. THERE IS NO INCEST ALLOWED, EVER!!! That includes placing the actors that play family in the show in a relationship of any kind. Do not hint it, do not imply it. The max rating for this ficathon will be R. THERE IS TO BE NO GRAPHIC SEX at all. 

Signing Up:
In order to sign up, you only need to comment on this post. You will be able to submit five prompts from the list of fandoms.  Please be specific on what you won't write: the fandoms, the characters, crossovers, character death, pairings, slash, etc. Also add what fandoms you are willing to write.

I will do my best to match up the requests to the authors.

Please sign-up with all the following information. (Just copy the following format and paste it into a reply to this post.)

Livejournal name:
E-mail address:

Request 1:
Things you don't want: (secondary pairings, het and/or slash; character death, genderbenders,  crossovers, non canon pairings, AU, fluff, cute little bunnies, etc)

Request 2:
Things you don't want:

Request 3:
Things you don't want:

Request 4:
Things you don't want:

Request 5:
Things you don't want:

**Fandoms you are willing to write:
Don't forget that you need to specify if you don't want pairings of any kind or just slash or het. Any romance you would like to see must be requested as something that is in the background and not part of the main plot.

***** If you only know one fandom in the list you can ask for prompts in only that fandom as well as only one fandom for you to write. It will make it more difficult to match you but you are allowed. Just please do this only in case you know only one fandom. You can always ask for four prompts in your preferred fandom and one in the not so well known one. This is only in case you know only two fandoms. It helps me find people to write your prompts if they have more fandom options. :-)

The minimum word count will be 1,000. You must write all 1,000 in one story. There is no word limit. Once the prompt is sent to you, you only need to write one of them, though if you want and can, you may write as many as you want. Stories must be posted to this community. You may link it to your journal but the story must be posted here. This is mostly to prevent the loss of the stories if the LJ Admins decide to do another massive journal purge. Do not post your stories anywhere else before posting them here. All your stories must be betaed before posting. If you don't have a beta or can't find one, please let me know.

If you are unable to finish your stories by the due date and can't have the done the week after, please let me know as soon as possible. There are no penalties if you need to drop out, but please let me know. I understand that real life can be unpredictable, so please don't just disappear with no word.

On an important note, please be careful on what you say you will and won't write, be as specific as possible. There are several fandoms that have a large cast, so if there are characters of that show you do not want to write, than please either chose another fandom or specify the characters you won't write.

*** The X-Men fandom has three verses to it. To keep it simple, Canon will refer to the core X-Men comic, not any of the AU that have propped up. Evolution refers to the 2000 X-Men cartoon not any that came before or after.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me either in LJ, or my email at subject Family Haven Ficathon Round 3. If you need me to answer right away make sure to mark it as urgent.

If you forgot to add something in your sign in, just reply to your original comment and I'll make the corrections for you. All sign ups are screened. 

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Can I ask what you mean by primary and secondary fandoms?

(Deleted comment)
Okay. Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately as I don't write in any of the primary fandoms, I won't sign up but thanks for the headsup about it

Oh no worries, I removed that part since there were other people with your problem and it confused a lot of people. So the list will be one and you can chose any of the fandoms you want.

Okay, thanks, I'll check the dates and see if I'll have time to to write something

Hope to see your awesomeness there!!!

Thank you. That's such a lovely thing for you to say. i will do my best. i'm dying to write SGA again

I'm dying to write anything, :-P

Sure, I already answered in the yahoo group but here you go:

The primary fandom refers to the shows that have family relationships as part of the main focus of the show. Such as Supernatural being about two brothers, the same with Numb3rs, Avatar LAB, Fullmetal Alchemist and Medium, all of them focus a lot on family relationships.

The secondary fandoms refer to stories that have very strong friendships that sometimes involve blood family. Like Stargate Atlantis with Team Sheppard and others, and Rodney and his sister making an appearance.

That's pretty much it. The reason the primary fandoms are family oriented are just because they have family relationships as part of it's main plot. That's all. The primary and secondary doesn't mean that one show is less than the other, that's why every request must have at least one fandom from each of the secondary and primary fandoms.

But no worries, I removed this division of the fandoms so there should be no more confusion :-)

I had an idea for a fic but my fandom isn't listed.

I'm sorry to hear that. May I ask what fandom it was?

COVERT AFFAIRS which does have a few family relationships among the cast of main characters. I'm just always looking for good fic dealing more on the friendships family relationships than the romance.


Me too, it's one of the reasons I jumped at the opportunity to run this ficathon.

Sorry, still confused

For my requests, am I requesting what I want to write, or what I want someone else to write? I'm sorry for the confusion, but I've never done one of these before.

I can write Numb3rs & Stargate Atlantis, but don't know any of the other fandoms well enough.


Name: Becky
Livejournal name: beckys91
E-mail address:

Re: Sorry, still confused

No problem, your requests/prompts is what you want people to write for you. At the bottom where it says what fandoms you're willing to write you can write that you will write Numb3rs and Stargate Atlantis. I will make sure you get at least one of these fandoms when you get your assigned prompts. :-) I hope this clarifies things, if not, please let me know.

I was posting my requests, but accidentally hit some keyboard combination & the post disappeared. Would you let me know if it turned up, please? If it didn't, I'll do it again. Thanks! Becky

I'm sorry, it didn't. I had to do mine three times because I kept deleting it by accident ^_^;

I'm interested in this but of the shows listed I've only seen Supernatural. Is it okay if my prompts and list of what I will write are limited to just one show, or do you need people able to do more?

You can do that, it'll make it more difficult to match you, but I have no problem with it. Go for it!

Thank you, I appreciate it! :)

Not a problem! Have fun choosing your prompts!

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