The Multifandom (Incest-Free) Family Ficathon

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Can I ask what you mean by primary and secondary fandoms?

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Okay. Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately as I don't write in any of the primary fandoms, I won't sign up but thanks for the headsup about it

Oh no worries, I removed that part since there were other people with your problem and it confused a lot of people. So the list will be one and you can chose any of the fandoms you want.

Okay, thanks, I'll check the dates and see if I'll have time to to write something

Hope to see your awesomeness there!!!

Thank you. That's such a lovely thing for you to say. i will do my best. i'm dying to write SGA again

I'm dying to write anything, :-P

Sure, I already answered in the yahoo group but here you go:

The primary fandom refers to the shows that have family relationships as part of the main focus of the show. Such as Supernatural being about two brothers, the same with Numb3rs, Avatar LAB, Fullmetal Alchemist and Medium, all of them focus a lot on family relationships.

The secondary fandoms refer to stories that have very strong friendships that sometimes involve blood family. Like Stargate Atlantis with Team Sheppard and others, and Rodney and his sister making an appearance.

That's pretty much it. The reason the primary fandoms are family oriented are just because they have family relationships as part of it's main plot. That's all. The primary and secondary doesn't mean that one show is less than the other, that's why every request must have at least one fandom from each of the secondary and primary fandoms.

But no worries, I removed this division of the fandoms so there should be no more confusion :-)

I had an idea for a fic but my fandom isn't listed.

I'm sorry to hear that. May I ask what fandom it was?

COVERT AFFAIRS which does have a few family relationships among the cast of main characters. I'm just always looking for good fic dealing more on the friendships family relationships than the romance.


Me too, it's one of the reasons I jumped at the opportunity to run this ficathon.

Sorry, still confused

For my requests, am I requesting what I want to write, or what I want someone else to write? I'm sorry for the confusion, but I've never done one of these before.

I can write Numb3rs & Stargate Atlantis, but don't know any of the other fandoms well enough.


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Re: Sorry, still confused

No problem, your requests/prompts is what you want people to write for you. At the bottom where it says what fandoms you're willing to write you can write that you will write Numb3rs and Stargate Atlantis. I will make sure you get at least one of these fandoms when you get your assigned prompts. :-) I hope this clarifies things, if not, please let me know.

I was posting my requests, but accidentally hit some keyboard combination & the post disappeared. Would you let me know if it turned up, please? If it didn't, I'll do it again. Thanks! Becky

I'm sorry, it didn't. I had to do mine three times because I kept deleting it by accident ^_^;

I'm interested in this but of the shows listed I've only seen Supernatural. Is it okay if my prompts and list of what I will write are limited to just one show, or do you need people able to do more?

You can do that, it'll make it more difficult to match you, but I have no problem with it. Go for it!

Thank you, I appreciate it! :)

Not a problem! Have fun choosing your prompts!

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