The Multifandom (Incest-Free) Family Ficathon

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water_soter wrote in family_haven
We have a little more than a week and a half left for sigh ups, guys, so anyone that wants to join up should do it soon. You only have to write 1000 words, and the deadline will be the second to last week of February. With a one week extension for anyone that needs it. You only have to write one of the prompts but can write more if you want. And feel free to pimp this ficathon, we need all the advertisement that we can get. Still looking for an artist to make banners, so if anyone's interested, please let me know.

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I'll try to pimp it again--this comm kinda flies under the radar, doesn't it? :) Ooo, I could put it on the spngenrecs comm, possibly... that might get you some participants. Let me work on that.

*beams* THANKS!!! I really appreciate it. And yeah, it does fly under the radar. I've been contacting authors privately since they tend to write family/friendships stories, so you could also do that if you wanted.

I linked to this comm from daily_snitch yesterday, and from _fanfics_ today (I used my mod account in the latter). Hopefully, this will encourage a few more authors to sign up. ^__^

I'd love to sign up myself, but I'm not sure this would be a wise decision, since I have other fic deadlines to meet. Oh, well, I still have some hours left to make a decision.

Till tomorrow, actually. And no worries, there are no penalties if you need to drop out for whatever reasons. Just let me know ahead of time so I can find someone to replace you.

And thank you so much for the pimping! You guys are just awesome!!

OMG, I'm so tempted to sign up. Stop trying to seduce me! XD

At what time will you close sign ups tomorrow?

probably when I wake up on Monday, :-P *whispers in ear* come on, you know you want to =)

Hm, this gives me plenty of time to write down my requests and come back here tomorrow. OMG, you're too evil! :-P

*beams* I try! Not very hard, mind you. *insert evil smirk*

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