The Multifandom (Incest-Free) Family Ficathon

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The Family Haven Ficathon Is LIVE!!!!
Rabbit 1
water_soter wrote in family_haven
Okay guys, we are officially open for business. Authors may begin posting their stories anytime between now and the 20th. Just a few things to remember, all stories must be posted directly to the comm, no cross posting allowed. This is to keep stories from being lost if your LJ is ever purged. You must use the following header when posting. You can add to it but not remove anything. Make sure the header is visible and the story is under a cut. Make sure you include the fandom in the subject line. Happy Reading Everyone!!!

Written for:
Archive: (Please mention whether or not your story can be posted at fic archives.)
Genre: (gen but please make mention if there is any slash or het pairings in your fic)
Main Character(s):
Rating: (the highest you can go is R)
Warning: (if any)
Word Count:


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