The Multifandom (Incest-Free) Family Ficathon

Harry Potter - Mrs. Longbottom vs. Mrs. Longbottom
Title: Mrs. Longbottom vs. Mrs. Longbottom
Author: ravenne_crion
Written for: vane_nt
Prompt: Post-DH, EWE. Neville is married to Hermione. They both are a bit over 30 years old. Neville unintentionally does something *very* wrong at work (maybe one of his students is poisoned by a plant?). long prompt is longCollapse )
Archive: If someone would like to sure. Just let me know.
Genre: General, Hermione/Neville, hurt/comfort
Pairings: Hermione/Neville
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of recognizable characters, places or things in the Harry Potter universe. I am not doing this for profit and purely for fun. I promise to put the toys back on the shelf when I’m done playing with them.
Word Count: 2878
Summary: Neville finds himself in the middle of controversy when a poor choice leads to a student being injured. Hermione will stand by her husband during this hard time but struggles with knowing that she cannot protect Neville from his own doubts and insecurities. However, she can protect him from Augusta.

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Numb3rs: The Mathematician Goes to Temple
Don Synagogue
Title: The Mathematician Goes to Temple
Author: jlm110108
Written for: izhilzha
Prompt: Don takes Charlie to temple
Archive: Yes
Genre: Gen
Pairings: n/a
Rating: G
Disclaimer: None
Word Count: 1285
Summary: Charlie accompanies Don to temple
Note: Many thanks to the amazing author and even more amazing beta, Statsgrandma; Thanks of course to Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci, creators of Numb3rs, and their episode, “Arrow of Time” that shows Don's synagogue. Also, thanks to Jordan Lee Wagner, who wrote the book “The Synagogue Survival Kit” which enabled this shiksa to understand a little bit about what happens in a synagogue.

The Mathematician Goes to TempleCollapse )

Stargate Atlantis: Ordo ad Fratres Faciendum by Friendshipper (2/2)
Winter Sunlight
See Part One for headers, etc.

Ordo ad Fratres Faciendum, part 2Collapse )

Stargate Atlantis: Ordo ad Fratres Faciendum by Friendshipper (1/2)
Winter Sunlight
Title: Ordo ad Fratres Faciendum
Author: sholio
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
For: water_soter
Prompt: A mission gone wrong. Protective Ronon, h/c, Rodney helping, major points for pathos and injuries to both.
Main Character(s): all four team members, with a slight emphasis on Ronon and Rodney
Genre: friendship, action/adventure
Word Count: 20,800
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: one torture scene
Summary: A jumper crash separates the team on a wilderness planet, and they aren't alone. Late season five, somewhere before "Brainstorm"; mostly gen with background references to past Ronon/Keller, pre-Rodney/Keller, implied Teyla/Kanaan.
Author's Notes: "Ordo ad Fratres Faciendum" translates (roughtly) to "order of brother making"; it was a sort of blood brotherhood rite in the pre-modern Catholic Church.

Ordo ad Fratres FaciendumCollapse )

The Family Haven Ficathon Is LIVE!!!!
Rabbit 1
Okay guys, we are officially open for business. Authors may begin posting their stories anytime between now and the 20th. Just a few things to remember, all stories must be posted directly to the comm, no cross posting allowed. This is to keep stories from being lost if your LJ is ever purged. You must use the following header when posting. You can add to it but not remove anything. Make sure the header is visible and the story is under a cut. Make sure you include the fandom in the subject line. Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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Second and Final Author Check-in Before Posting!
Rabbit 1
Hey guys! We have a week before the ficathon goes live. So please all authors check in. Mainly I need to know if you need extra time or are having problems. The last day to post will be 20th, but still let me know if you need more time. All comments will be screened.

Everyone's Reported In
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Okay guys, all the authors have reported in and it looks like everyone is underway. We have a more than a month to finish stories. Posting will being on the 14th of Feb. If anyone is having any problems for whatever reason, please let me know. Also, there will be one more author check-in a week prior to the ficathon going live. Feel free to pimp us out, advertisement is good for the soul :-). Have fun and happy writing!

Still Missing Authors!
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Almost all the authors have reported in. So please if you haven't reported in, please do so. I'm going to give it till Sunday if not, I'm sorry but I will consider you out and give your assignment to someone else.

Authors Please Check In!!
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Sorry about that guys, I'm running a little behind! Please to all the authors if you check in by posting a comment here. This is mostly to make sure you guys are still in it and to let me know a little of how's it going. If you have questions, suggestions, problems, etc. Make sure you do it by the 13th or I will assume that you dropped out and pass this to a pinch hitter.

Rabbit 1
Hey guys! There's still some people that haven't emailed me back to let me know you received your prompts. I know this is a holiday weekend for a lot of us, but if you can contact me as soon as possible I would appreciate.


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