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Authors Please Check In!!
Rabbit 1
water_soter wrote in family_haven
Sorry about that guys, I'm running a little behind! Please to all the authors if you check in by posting a comment here. This is mostly to make sure you guys are still in it and to let me know a little of how's it going. If you have questions, suggestions, problems, etc. Make sure you do it by the 13th or I will assume that you dropped out and pass this to a pinch hitter.

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I'm still in, but I haven't started working on my story yet! Now that the flurry of holiday fic is over, I've been brainstorming ideas, though. :)

Thanks and good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I'm still in! The holidays were crazy, but I am now actively brainstorming--I know which request I'm writing, and just have to iron out the details.

Awesome! Can't wait to read your fic!

I'm here. I've read the prompts and am beginning the brainstorming process.


Wonderful! Good luck and may the force be with you! :-P

had to rest up after all the fics I had to finish in december, but I'm just brainstorming ideas and should be able to finish something by february.

Great! Thank you for letting me know!

I'm here, I know which prompt I'm going to use and I'm currently outlining the fic. :-)

Thank! Good to hear from you!

I should learn to check LJ more >.> I'm here! I'm still here!

Thank you. No worries, I was going to leave it until this Sunday just to make sure.

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